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Learnings from Covid

There is much written, analysed and dissected on the learnings from Covid 19.   The learnings can be viewed differently for different individuals and corporates.  There are qualitative life aspects that can be picked up as learnings from this pandemic such as, simplifying ones life, building immunity, respecting nature and the like.  For corporates, it would […]

Lockdown Dairies

It’s day number 78 of the lockdown across various parts of world. Who would have thought that there will be a time where people, irrespective of their geographical locations, will be confined to their homes indefinitely. This COVID 19  lockdown has been hard to deal with emotionally, physically and financially.

Satisfaction and Success at Workplace

  We spend a large part of our lives at our workplace. Therefore, if we aren’t satisfied at our workplace then, would it be wrong to say that “we are dissatisfied with a large part of our lives?” Small changes can go a long way to in order to succeed and be satisfied. Go that […]

Importance of Executive Presence and Personal Branding

People are the biggest asset of any organization and Human Resources Department (HR) plays a vital role in the strategic growth of an organization, where they partner with the business or operations to suggest and implement initiatives that enhance productivity, employee morale and help boost growth of the employees. One of the critical challenges with HR […]