It’s day number 78 of the lockdown across various parts of world. Who would have thought that there will be a time where people, irrespective of their geographical locations, will be confined to their homes indefinitely. This COVID 19  lockdown has been hard to deal with emotionally, physically and financially.

Hence the words “Keep Calm – Stay Home” need constant repetition.

However, COVID 19 has not just brought the negative it also brought a series of positive changes. It brought people together in various ways. Families went back to playing board games, long lost friendships that were lost due to time constraints, were rekindled. People suddenly didn’t know what to do and found themselves completely lost. Hence the virtual housie, card games, board games, long phone calls without any purpose, took over.

This lockdown did wonders for TPL team. One initiative is all it took to connect the various members of the TPL family together like never before. All the TPL members, trainers, freelancers started connecting via online sessions. These sessions were slow at the beginning, quickly caught pace and have been very enriching where members meet at least two times a week for sharing experiences, knowledge, learning new skills as trainers or just for fun over a cup of tea/coffee. Key training that each one underwent was to identify each ones personality types (MBTI. This quickly caught everyone’s attention; new found camaraderie was formed. These online sessions are simple yet effective tool helping the large team to connect and be more productive.

Sessions until now

  • Life Management,
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Breaking the Ice
  • Time Management
  • DISC
  • Power Openings
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sujok Therapy
  • MBTI
  • Amygdala Hijack
  • Humor in Lives
  • Attention Management
  • Many Energies- One Self
  • Leaders in Action
  • The Brand called “Me”

Each of these interactive sessions has given every one a platform to share their experiences, knowledge, passions and emotions with others. Though the lockdown is lifting bit by bit, but the learning has not stopped and we continue with the “online” journey.


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