Leadership Simulation

As leaders we all want our teams to do well so that others look up to us. All of us are good leaders in our own ways. We have done our bits of readings and have checked out qualities, capabilities, and deliverables, all that goes in terms of what makes us a good leader. How […]

“No” an unspoken expectation, or a training need….?

As a child, the word that we hear the most is NO….! Is that why when we become adults, we are so reluctant to say NO, even when that is the most logical answer? The more I deal with people at a Corporate and other levels, the more I realize how frustrating it is not […]

A leader is a leader irrespective of how he became one

In our lives there comes a time when we are supposed to lead in a situation, it could be by choice, by position or by circumstance. In either of the case we have people who depend on us and trust us to make the right decision. It could be a manager in an office environment, […]