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Importance of Executive Presence and Personal Branding

People are the biggest asset of any organization and Human Resources Department (HR) plays a vital role in the strategic growth of an organization, where they partner with the business or operations to suggest and implement initiatives that enhance productivity, employee morale and help boost growth of the employees.

One of the critical challenges with HR is when HR Department is considered as a mere ‘Support Function’ instead of being given a more Strategic Focus.

The role of an HR professional is thus far more important as the frontrunners in ensuring an Employee Centric Behavior & focus and not just in the convincing business of being executioners.

An organization recently wanted to elevate the Executive Presence and Branding of their HR team. The objective was to ensure that the HR professionals assert themselves and be respected for their professional prowess

We conducted a session of Executive Presence (EP) where we shared tools for improving the same. Alongside, the HR team also worked on their personal brand charters, learned the art of handling difficult conversations with the stakeholders and also worked upon their own limiting beliefs.

Leadership Simulation

As leaders we all want our teams to do well so that others look up to us. All of us are good leaders in our own ways. We have done our bits of readings and have checked out qualities, capabilities, and deliverables, all that goes in terms of what makes us a good leader.

How far does what we have read actually translate at the ground?

TPL with LeadPro brings you a virtual experience on adapting leadership styles at the workplace. The Simulation is an engaging, challenging and robust learning experience that stretches managers to confront complex, highly interwoven performance management and people management issues. Participants make critical decisions and apply leadership skills to manage simulated team members and navigate through challenging, realistic situations in a rich simulated environment.

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  • Do our people see us as good leaders
  • Do our intentions of being a good leader actually translate into actions. Actions are what people see
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