“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

Theatre is no acting – It is a process of deep understanding of ourselves in particular and human condition in general. To be effective one has to understand and express in a most authentic way.  Accessing our own feelings and expressing it with awareness is a liberating experience.  Theatre is a ‘play’ ful way to master many essential skills – Imagination, Spontaneity, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Presentation.

Theatre based learning can be used for everything from behavioral adaptation, change management, leadership skills development to handling cultural and personal issues.

The key take aways of the workshop revolve around

  • Confidence
  • Connecting to one self
  • Exploring the different layers within
  • Sprouting spontaneity
  • Overcoming the block of self-consciousness
  • Learn to effectively connect and collaborate pushing one’s limits to see and think beyond the obvioustheatre