Competency Development Centre

CDCs are recognized as a systematic and rigorous means of identifying behaviors for the purposes of recruitment, selection, promotion and development within the workplace.
Turning Point works closely with organizations to build their talent pipeline, identifying Hi-Potential employees by focusing on assessing behaviors for the desired competencies. With an emphasis on developmental feedback to help cover gaps and build IDPs, Turning Point assessors ensure individuals move forward on their journey of growth.

Image Consulting

Image Consulting takes a comprehensive approach, beginning with the inner image to outward appearance, focussing on all aspects of image that result in people’s projection of themselves.

It uses psychological, social, physical and artistic aspects that emerge from a person’s characteristics, while incorporating their personal style. This involves coaching in optimal wardrobe management, grooming, body language & etiquette, and effective vocal communication.

Building High Performance Teams

In today’s business environment, with multiple matrix-reporting relationships, individual team members have become domain experts. With a focus on individual excellence, frequent turf wars and a missing team spirit are underlying emotions which can hamper the team reach its full potential.
Turning Point helps organizational teams to develop and commit to a team charter by opening up communication, thereby building trust. Individual coaching is used to remove roadblocks, and build a truly high performance team.

Visioning for Organisations

As organizations grow, the importance of individuals being aligned to the company’s vision increases. Turning Point helps senior leadership teams articulate their country-specific vision in alignment with the organization’s global vision. It also helps to decode the vision further, cascading to department goals.

Sales Consulting

Sales is the lifeline of any organization. Sales consulting puts a science behind the process. Turning Point helps set measurable and predictable drivers at the activity level to ensure targets are achieved. It allows for monitoring and review on activity-level sales drivers and not just the end target. It also supports usage of data to modify and change the drivers and help the organization establish its own benchmarks.

Process Consulting

Once organizational visions and goals are in place, Turning Point works closely with senior leadership to look at processes at both inter and intra department levels to improve efficiency, reduce conflict and foster team work. Turning Point first looks at the as is state, by observing teams and smaller workgroups. It then makes its recommendations, lays out a path, handholding the process of execution, and supports by embedding it internally.