Competency Assessment/Development Centres have gained wide recognition as a systematic and rigorous means of identifying behaviour for the purposes of recruitment, selection, promotion and development within the workplace. It ensures selection is done on the basis of not just performance but also potential

Benefits of a CAC

  • Highly relevant/observable and comprehensive information.
  • Effective decision-making, including workforce planning.
  • Added fairness from multiple judgements (versus single judgements).
  • An effective preview of the role/job level.
  • Developmental payoffs to candidates/participants arising from self-insight obtained.
  • A method of assessment that predicts work performance.

TPL CAC’s are geared to

  • Are geared towards developing the individual
  • Place emphasis on developmental feedback
  • Address long term needs
  • Do not have a pass/fail criteria
  • Focus on potential
  • Are geared to meet needs of the individual as well as the organisation
  • Give feedback immediately
  • Help build Individual development plans
  • Involve the individual having control over the information obtained
  • Customise reports to suit organisational needs