Visioning for Organisations

Visioning is a technique that is used to support the leadership team in an organisation develop a shared goal or picture of the future. It enables a movement forward together to achieve the shared goal.

At TPL, we take it to the next level, where we look at vertical (department) level inputs to achieve the common shared organisational vision. Accountability and Ownership is fixed.

Process Consulting

TPL would first help facilitate identifying a common end goal. The more clearly is the end objective defined, the faster would the accomplishment. The end goal needs to be defined by the senior management for the organisation as a whole.

TPL would first look at “as is” state, based on observation of teams, and smaller workgroups

It would make its recommendations and lay out a path, handhold the execution and last but not least support in embedding it internally

Sales Consulting

Sales is the lifeline of any organisation. Sales is what makes the cash counters ring. Keeping its importance Sales Consulting ensures it puts a science behind the process of sales. It helps set the targets in place, it ensures monitoring and review on activity level sales drivers to ensure end targets are met.


Building High Performance Teams

With increasing individual personal excellence and competitiveness, intact teams face challenges of turf protection, conflict, inability to handle changing environments.
The impact is obvious on the results which start declining.
By following a process of facilitating and channelizing individual strengths and contributions we help a team to

  • Build a “team charter”
  • Assign roles and responsibilities
  • Support to ensure charter is in place

The results have been remarkable both for the organization and for the individuals.