Working with Young Minds

The desire for the right job is never ending. Millions of fresh graduates look for their first job and the already employed look for a promotion or a better job.  The biggest contradiction is, while at one side there is huge unemployment statistics, on the other side the greatest concern of any business is to get the right people. This contradiction arises primarily because of lack of basic skills and the inability to project an appropriate and inspiring image by job seekers.

Today’s Young Minds are Tomorrow’s Professionals. This is a complete and comprehensive program designed by Turning Point Learning (TPL). To address the growing needs of the youth inorder to make them corporate ready.

Today’s Young Minds

This Program will enable Management and Post Graduate students to ensure smooth transition from academics to corporate – from individual excellence to team excellence.

The program will help

  • Connect to one’s self and explore inner layers
  • An understanding of the self and communication with the world outside
  • Break ice and be open to one another to build trust
  • Usage of English as a Business Communication Language
  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Creatively find solutions to the problems
  • Help Integrate the individual’s inner experience with the action/ choices she/he makes in the work and family spaces
  • Work effectively within teams

Tomorrow’s Professionals

This program helps job seekers project a powerful impression during the interview process.

The take aways from this program:

  • By being able to create a powerful first impression
  • Demonstrating a much better verbal and non – verbal communication
  • Writing impressive resumes to get more personal interview opportunities
  • Displaying and possessing increased confidence
  • Developing an appreciative conduct in the interviews
  • Giving appropriate answers to interviewers questions
  • Portraying a pleasant and professional appearance